The project Al-Andalus XXI Century consists on the planning and developement of a City of the Culture that arises a world class reference center. This center is planned to be the reference about the traditional relationship between spanish and islamic civilisations, taking advantage of the most modern technologies so as the most valuable traditional building tecniques that remain as an Al Andalus legacy in Spain. This complex project is based as a starting point on the goreus building complex Universidad Laboral de Gijón, built between 1947 and 1957 by the arquitect Luis Moya.

With about 130.000 m2 of built surface, this set of buildings has been recently renovated from structure to installations between 2005 and 2009 by our team with a total cost of 80 Mio€. This renovation has transformed this huge complex into the actual LABORAL Ciudad de la Cultura. The place, with a late romantic style and classical connotations from diffeerent arquitectural styles, is to be complemented with the neomudejar style already experienced in Madrid. The goal is merging a romanic style –late romanic- with a islamic style –neomudejar-, implementing both on a XXI century context.

It’s like Damasco mosque

La Gran Plaza de la Universidad Laboral